A new artistic movement

At the end of 19th century In Europe, was born a new artistic movement was born in Europe which included painting, architecture but also graphic design and it was called “Art Nouveau”. This movement brought along the idea according to which Art had to be at the service of the society using the objects that we use every day.

This idea is similar to the idea of Aesthetic movement; the Italian poet D’Annunzio followed it during a period of his life (in the others part of his life, D’Annunzio followed other ideas like “Superomismo”). D’Annunzio changed his ideas different times and he also did lots of big things, for example he flied to Vienna by his personal airplane and he put pacifist flayers.

Art Nouveau was born with the idea that artists had to have an active role in the society; this concept was the beginning of the modern concept of Design. This movement took the name by the place where it was used: in the UK the name was Modern Style, in Vienna it was called Sezessionistil and in Italy the name was Liberty. The last name reminds the name of Arthur Liberty. He founded a company which deal luxury objects and this was the reason why this style was associated with these kinds of objects and lifestyle. It was also associated with the concept of the Aesthetic movement, which said that people who followed this lifestyle spurn other people and research luxury objects.

A common element that recognizes the movement of Art Nuoveau is the using of plant drawing, decora-tive and dynamic marks. The most important thing that combines the Aesthetic movement with Art Nouveau is the ornament always at the centre of the attention.

This style was in Italy from the last twenty years of 19th century to the beginning of the First World War.

It is a decorative style which developed into a lot of artistic topics: architecture, design, furniture maker companies, graphic design, metal, ceramic and glass manufacturing, fabric decorations, illustrations of books, newspapers and posters.

Liberty aim was to improve objects made in factories to fight against the banalization of those; this issue was raised during those times because of the industrial revolution: the period that was caraterized by the beginning of the industrial production. The main decorations were taken from  the illustrations of plants signs, this was the reason why Italian people called it “stile floreale”. We can see  the plant marks with other abstract decorative geometric marks which are elegant and can feel amazement in the observants. The illustrations were not often used and when this happened, it was done according to Symbolism frequently followed during this period. When the illustrations were used they were rarely stylized and outlined with a black line.

This is an architecture style, but most of all it is a graphic design movement; an example is Il Piacere by D’Annunzio that in the original edition is decorated by drowing in liberty style.